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1. Permissible use
Downloading, reviewing published materials and printing forms on this site is for personal use only. It is forbidden to publicly display, transmit, publish, modify, reproduce, distribute, participate in the transfer or sale and copy, upload, and any other use of the complete contents of these pages or part of the pages without the express written permission of MG-WEB and other copyright owners . If permission is granted, it is not allowed to delete or modify existing data relating to copyright or trademark.

2. Use for commercial purposes
It is forbidden to use the MG-WEB site for trade, sale and other trading purposes except for the purchase of the MG-WEB product. Advertisements for third parties, legal and natural persons, may be published only with the written permission or on the basis of a written contract or agreement. It is forbidden to transmit and publish content that is against public morals, positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia, as well as content containing viruses or other harmful material that would prevent regular use of these sites. Users assume all responsibility for damages resulting from their actions that do not comply with the above prohibitions. MG-WEB reserves the right to delete all or part of the content published on its site.

3. Delivering Content and Materials
By submitting content and materials (suggestions, ideas, drawings, photographs, texts) to MG-WEB, you provide or warrant that the owner of the material has expressly granted MG-WEB irrevocable, permanent, exclusive rights to use, adapt and modify, incorporate into other works. translate, publish, transmit and distribute the received material in any form and through all existing media and future media for any purpose and at no charge.


1. The scope of copyright
The contents of these pages are copyrighted by MG-WEB or ceded to MG-WEB and owned by third parties. MG-WEB owns the copyright relating to the editing, selection and harmonization of the content of these sites. The MG-WEB Websites contain trademarks, names of individuals and other intellectual property content owned by MG-WEB or owned by third parties. No website content may be used without restriction.

2. Pictures and video
All photos, pictures, videos, texts, personal data and other information appearing on the web site belong to MG-WEB. Permission to use may be granted to third parties for use solely for promotional, editorial and informational purposes by publishing in daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and electronic media. Except as provided in the intended manner, the use of the content and materials of the MG-WEB Website is not permitted.
The established permission and method of using the MG-WEB Web Site may not be transferred, subcontracted or assigned to third parties, so any attempt to transmit, subcontract or assign it shall be null and void.
By using the content and materials on the MG-WEB Websites, media users agree to comply with the established restrictions, requirements and conditions of use.


MG-WEB will endeavor to publish accurate and up-to-date information on its web site, however, it assumes no responsibility for its accuracy and completeness and will not accept any objection to the information published. Except for the product warranties explicitly published by MG-WEB, MG-WEB eliminates all liability for any consequences that would result from a different interpretation of the content and materials on the Website. MG-WEB does not guarantee that the websites will be free of errors and viruses. The user uses the website at his own risk.
MG-WEB is not responsible for any kind of damage caused by the use or inability to use any part of the website or the content posted on it or added by other users.
The media entities and other users of the MG-WEB Websites, by using the content and materials on these Web sites, agree to indemnify all forms of damage caused by the MG-WEB, and incur due to their misuse.
The mention of any particular product, process, or service bearing the trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or the like on the MG-WEB site does not imply that the same MG-WEB or any member of the MG-WEB Association is advertising, recommending or favoring.